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Pusya abhiseka at shrimandir

After Chandana Lagi at night, 81 vessels of water from the temple kitchen well and
21 vessels of ghee are carried to the Bhoga Mandapa.The vessels are sanctified by the Deula Purohita
performing Adhibasha and they are covered with a special type of cloth called chemedi patani. Then Bada
Shringara was performed. After the Bhoga, the Adhibasha Darpana was kept before Jagannatha on a
Bhadrasana and Adhibasha was done using flowers and chandana. Then Pahuda was performed.

On Ekadasi, the Purohita does Ankuraropana near the Snana Vedi. On Purnima during Sakala Dhoopa
the Kotha Suasia builds a hut near the Pratihari Niyoga and in this hut the Deula Purohita and other
brahmanas perform Homa(fire sacrifice). After Sakala Dhoopa only Jagannatha changes into His bath towel (Tadapa
Uttariya) and takes Mahasnana. The ghee in the vessels stored in the Bhoga Mandapa is melted with fire
from the temple kitchen and mixed with the water, then the mix is carried by the Garabadu in a procession
into the Pokharia. Here the Mudirasta does the Prasada Lagi and Sitala Bhoga is offered by the Purohita
using pancha upachara rituals. The ghee water is poured over the Adhibasha Darpana(mirror) in front of Lord Jagannatha,
then lord Jagannatha is dressed in new clothes and Chandana Lagi is performed.
Mahalaxmi receives the aagyamala of lord jagannatha and is carried in a palanquin to the Laxmi shrine, where She sits
in the Jagamohana. Here She is bathed, dressed and decorated with gold ornaments, camphor and various
flowers, finally She returns to the Ratna singhasana. The Mudirasta performs the Prasada Lagi. In the
meanwhile the Bhittarcha Mohapatra climbs onto the Ratna Singhasana and holds an royal umbrella(Chatra) which was sanctified by the sanskara performed by mudirasta, playing the
role of Laxmana. The Mekapa seat on his knees and hold the tip of the royal umbrella as
Hanuman. Jatarangi Bhoga is offered with the sodasha upachara rituals. Then vandapana will be done and
weapons made of flowers are presented to Lord Jagannatha. Alata Chamara Seva will be done and Ghasa Bidia will be
offered. During the entire ceremony the Akhanda Mekapa stands in front of Lord Jagannatha with a ghee lamp in his
hand, and the Palia Khuntia calls out to Jagannatha Mahaprabhu, “Manimaaa! Manimaaa !!”.
After Mailama and Dakshina Ghara Bhoga, the small Deity of Raghunatha (Ramachandra) arrives at the
Ratna Singhasana, receives the aagyamala of lord jagannatha and is carried in a palanquin to the MahaLaxmi shrine. Then here
Mahasnana will be performed. Then Bhoga and vandapana will be done and Raghunatha returns to the Dakshina
Ghara. One Mudirasta ties a sari on his head and accompanied by the Palia Khuntia and Asthana Padihari,
go to jambeswar temple. Fainally the Mudirasta returns to his house, where mangalarpana will be done; from
there the other two return to their respective houses.
For the last Vesha of the Pushya Abhisheka day, the Deities are offered a new dress and a golden sacred
thread (yagya pavita); the old one is presented to the King. On this day Varuna puja and Narasingha yagya
are also performed.

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