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Odia Vastu Tips

Odia Vastu Tips / Orissa Vastu Tips / Oriya Vastu Tips / Odisha Vastu Tips/ Vastu Tips Of Odisha – Watch the Odia vastu tips by click next below each Video. You will get different Vastu Tips of different episodes aired on News World Odisha. This Video contains good tips about Vastu.

In Odisha everyone belive in vastu and when we start our construction of Home or any business buildings, we give first priority to Vastu and according to vastu we should build buildings. Most of the people to Vastu puja before the home construction works.

If you want to watch Odisa Vastu tips for your happy married life or Happy life or Happy family life, then watch below odia vastu videos and know more about Odia vastu tips. Don’t forget to comment below.

Vastu Tips about study room, How to keep books in self. How to keep book in proper way, How to read and to which direction should face during study. Know more about study vastu tips in Odia. For more odia vastu tips watch this post. Vastutips in Odia.

Video Courtesy : News World Odisha

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Oriya Vastu Tips
Odia Vastu Tips

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  1. I would like to know if central portion of West side of the building has elevated towards West then what are demerits and what is the vastu solution for that.

  2. If the central portion of West side of the building has elevated towards West direction then what to do.

    What are the various hurdles? What are the remedy?

    Please reply me through mail.

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