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Disclaimer 1 – All the Information shared on this website does not necessarily represent the Website admins views. This website contains popular news and videos broadcast by the leading English dailies and a few other online news portals. Moodisha team also collect and put some videos and news of it’s own by visiting different places and events in Odisha. Odisha peoples also submit their content in this website by sending us mails. So that posts are the copyright of those authors.

Disclaimer 2 – The Webmaster doesn’t personally investigate any factual accuracy of all the news before publishing it on this website. The readers/visitors are, therefore, requested to use their discretion while using the information for any purpose at their sole responsibility.

Disclaimer 3 – Consider this blog as a source of Odisha related info, but don’t completely rely on this for validity.

Disclaimer 4 – Moodisha forum brings current topics of Odisha to discuss publicly and to gather information.

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