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Odia Daily Horoscope by Different News paper

Oriya horoscope

Odia Daily Horoscope by Different Odia News paper by Moodisha.in. Odisha people / Orissa people want to read their Horoscope daily from different news papers. But all the peoples can’t get all news papers at a time to read their daily odia Horoscope / Odia rasiphala by different Odia News papers. Moodisha.in Has tried to publish Odia Horoscope/ Orissa Horoscope/ …

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odisha 10th result 2016

ODISHA MATRIC EXAM RESULT 2016 will be published on 27th April 2016 (Wednesday) and it will be announced at Cuttack Board Office at 9 A.m and after that it will be available online on below websites and on mobile from 10 A.m of BSE Odisha. For ODISHA MATRIC EXAM RESULT 2016, ODISHA 1oTH EXAM RESULT 2016, Odisha BSE Exam Result …

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RTO Codes Odisha

odisha rto codes

Here are the RTO codes of all RTOs of Odisha. Hope it will help you a lot. The newly added onces are OD-32 Bhanjanagar OD-33 Bhubaneswar II OD-34 Jajpur OD-35 Talcher

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Odisha State Food Commission wants your opinion on new Draft Rules

Odisha Food Commissioner

ଓଡିଶା ସରକାର – ଖାଦ୍ୟ ଯୋଗାଣ ଓ ଖାଉଟି କଲ୍ୟାଣ ବିଭାଗ ରାଜ୍ୟ  ଖାଦ୍ୟ କମିଶନ୍ ପାଇଁପ୍ରସ୍ତାବିତ ନିୟମାବଳୀ ଉପରେ ସର୍ବସାଧାରଣ କଂ ର ମତାମତ ଆହ୍ବାନ କରାଯାଉଛି | କେନ୍ଦ୍ର ସରକାରକଂ ଦ୍ବାରା ପ୍ରଣୀତ ଜାତୀୟ ଖାଦ୍ୟ ସୁରକ୍ଷା ଆଇନ୍ ୨୦୧୩ ଅନ୍ତର୍ଗତ ସାଧାରଣ ବଣ୍ଟନ ବ୍ୟବସ୍ଥାରେ ଯୋଗ୍ୟ ହିତାଧିକାରୀ କଂ ଅପତି ଅଭିଯୋଗ ଓ ତାର ନିରାକରଣ ନିମନ୍ତେ ରାଜ୍ୟ ସରକାର ରାଜ୍ୟରେ ଏକ ଖାଦ୍ୟ କମିଶନ୍ ଗଠନ କରିବାକୁ ସ୍ଥିର କରିଛନ୍ତି| ଏହି କମିଶନ୍ ପାଇଁ ପ୍ରସ୍ଥାବିତ ନିୟମାବଳୀ ପ୍ରସ୍ଥୁତ …

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Vigilance Odisha Contact Info

Odisha Vigilance contact No

Moodisha.in always tries for a corruption free odisha. So for a corruption free Odisha moodisha.in invites all people of Odisha join with us and help Government to find Black money in Odisha. If any person has information about black money in Odisha or Any Government Officer taking bribe, then don’t late. Tell the Vigilance Officers of Odisha. If you are …

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Odia news paper

Odia News paper Online

Read Odia News Paper Online with moodisha.in . Everyday crores of people search for online odia news paper / odia e papaer, oriya news papaer, oriya e news papere, Odisha news paper, odia news paper online and gets many links in google. moodisha.in always try to create something new for Odia peoples. In this post we have keep all the …

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Odia Vastu Tips

Odia Vastu Tips

Odia Vastu Tips / Orissa Vastu Tips / Oriya Vastu Tips / Odisha Vastu Tips/ Vastu Tips Of Odisha – Watch the Odia vastu tips by click next below each Video. You will get different Vastu Tips of different episodes aired on News World Odisha. This Video contains good tips about Vastu. In Odisha everyone belive in vastu and when …

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Know your luck with Odia Horoscope video 2016

Odia Yearly Horoscope 2016

Watch below video of News World Odisha and know about your Horoscope / Odia rashiphala / Oriya horoscope 2016. Every Year our lucks changes due to the changes of Planets. Odisha jyotisha Sastra is one of the famous Jyotisha Bidhya from ancient time. Every Year Odisha Jyotir Bid / Odia Astrolgers gives tips and say about odia yearly horoscope of …

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Important Helpline Numbers Odisha

Odisha helpline no and odisha important contact no

Are you looking for Help Line nos of Odisha. Visist www.moodisha.in and search for Odisha help line nos in the moodisha.in website. Then you can find the post for Odisha help line nos/ Odisha important contact nos/ Odisha important phone nos. Read below post and find the Odisha help line nos, you are looking for. If any help line nos …

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Important Helpline Numbers in Bhubaneswar

Bhubaneswar Help Line Nos and Odisha helpline nos

Are you searching for Bhubaneswar “The Capital of Odisha” help Line Nos. Visist moodisha.in and search the post for “Important Helpline Numbers in Bhubaneswar” and you can find all the important nos of Bhubaneswar. For important nos of bhubaneswar or help line nos of bhubaneswar , help line nos of odisha, important nos of odisha visit www.moodisha.in Important Helpline Numbers …

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